19 mei: INTERSECT conferentie over cybersecurity van Internet of Things

With the Internet-of-Things (IoT) we are seamlessly connecting the cyber and the physical worlds extending the risk area to safety requiring a broader perspective on security. IoT is turning out to be one of the weakest spots in our infrastructure. With billions and in the near future potentially trillions of devices, the security risks are growing at great rates. Our economic and societal forces are creating a perfect storm, a pervasive infrastructure of trillions of IoT devices which on one hand will oversee our lives and economy, and on the other hand will be completely unmanageable from a security perspective.

To compound the risk, IoT systems are often devised and engineered in places where we have no control on, and unless we want to basically surrender our digital sovereignty by only relying on foreign solutions for our national cyber security, we need to find a way to secure them regardless of provenance and built-in malicious intents.

 We cannot secure something we cannot manage, we need to rethink the security paradigm, delegating part of the security management to the system that needs to autonomously adapt to the changing environment, while remaining under our supervision, and rethink accordingly all our security technologies. We need to be able to design, develop and manufacture IoT systems-of-systems in a fundamentally different way enabling the overall system to become robust, resilient and trustworthy, even in the presence of individual IoT devices that are insecure or even compromised in a Zero-trust environment and providing the right ecosystem for their wide adoption within industry. We actually need to be able to design, develop and manufacture new types of IoT devices with security-by-design, security-by-default, robustness and resilience in mind; while continuously preserving all safety requirements, these devices must pro-actively manage their security, actively respond to attacks, recover from attacks, resume and restore themselves to a predefined level of operation following an attack etc., 

During the 2022 edition of the INTERSCT. Conference on cyber security of Internet-of-Things, on 19 May in Enschede, we will address many of these issues with an impressive line-up of invited speakers, panellists, and moderators.

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19 mei: INTERSECT conferentie over cybersecurity van Internet of Things